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Selenium 12W12P-ND

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Selenium 12W12P-Nd. Parlante Woofer Neodimio 12 pulgadas. 8 Ohms. 200W RMS. 400W Programa.


  • Indicado para la sonorización de pequeños y medianos ambientes, donde presenta óptimo desempeño en medias y bajas frecuencias
  • Ideal para sistemas de cajas acùsticas portatiles o sistemas suspendidos en el aire (Fly) donde se requiere bajo peso para el transporte y manejo.
  • Posee un blindaje magnètico que impide que afecte otros equipos.
Datos técnicos
Diámetro 12 Pulgadas
Impedancia Nominal
Potencia Programa 200 Watts
Potencia RMS 400 Watts
SPL 1W @ 1m 97 dB
Respuesta frecuencia @ 10 dB 60-4500 Hz
Frecuencia de resonancia 48 Hz
Diàmetro de la bobina 60 mm
Material del armazón Acero estampado
Peso del imán 0,180 Kg

Woofer 12” especially designed for applications where the low weight is the important factor, as: portable speakers or suspended systems (Fly).

  • Excellent low to midrange response that’s optimal for small to medium sound reinforcement systems;
  • Ideal for use in two-way sound reinforcement systems for auditoriums, houses of worship, and night clubs;
  • A good, safer choice when the lower weight of the speakers are important considerations for portability or rigging issues;
  • Ultra High Efficiency (UHE) Neodymium woofers have high output power to weight ratios. The efficient design has higher output for a given input power which reduces power compression and produces clear, low distiton sound;
  • Powerful Rare Earth “Neo” magnets in our proprietary Cast Flux Return (CFR )structures were optimized through our special metallurgy processing and Finite Element Analysis to produce higher magnetic fields from dramatically lower weight materials when compared to both convetional ceramic & Neo magnet woofers;
  • The CFR structure contains the magnetic flux (video shielded), wicks away the heat through multiple venting of the rear heat sink fins and weighs less so there is no need for an aluminum cast frame allowing us to use a cost effective epoxy coated steel frame;
  • Copper wire coils on high temperature TIL formers reinforced with fiber glass for greater power handling and reliability;
  • Specially treated, long fiber paper cones that are strong and light weight for increased efficiency;
  • Proprietary surround featuring a combination half roll with an integrated accordion design produces an incredibility flat midrange frequency response;
  • Rubber infused cloth suspensions for increased durability and longer lifespan;
  • High temperature structural adhesives for stronger component bonds.
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