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Numark M1USB

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Numark M1USB - Mixer DJ Profesional. 2 entradas phono / línea y 1 de microfono, Salidas de Master, Ecualización de 2 bandas en cada canal, Crossfader reemplazable, Pre escucha con mini crossfader, Dos conexiones USB full duplex.


  • Two-channel compact-tabletop mixer
  • Inputs: two phono (RCA), two line (RCA), mic (1/4")
  • Outputs: Master (RCA), Headphone (1/4" stereo)
  • Two USB jacks, each assignable to input or output for simultaneous playback and recording
  • USB input for connecting computers for audio input
  • USB output for recording gigs to computer
  • Rotary EQ and gain on each channel
  • Replaceable crossfader
  • Mini-crossfader cueing


  • Input Levels
    • PHONO: 3mV
    • LINE: 200mV
    • MIC: 2mV
  • Output Gain: 14.5dB +/- 2dB
  • Frequency Response (20 – 20,000 Hz): ±3.5dB
  • Channel Balance: < 2.5dB at 1kHz
  • Line SNR: > 60dB (1kHz)
  • Line L/R Separation: > 45dB (1kHz)
  • Line Distortion: < 0.09% (1kHz)
  • USB Playback:
    • Distortion < 0.05%
    • SNR > 80dB
  • USB Recording: Distortion < 0.1 %
  • USB Interface: USB1.1 or USB2.0 with full-duplex operation (simultaneous playback and recording)
  • Weight (mixer alone): 4.0 lbs, 1.8kg
  • System requirements for USB functionality
    • PC: Windows XP (32-bit) or Vista (32-bit)
    • Mac: OS X
    • USB port


M1USB is a compact, two-channel scratch mixer with USB audio I/O. It is perfect for any DJ who needs to mix different sources, integrate computer audio, and record sets straight to computer, all in a small amount of space.

You can plug in turntables, CD players, and any other line-level music source, as well as a microphone. M1USB's easy, on-the-fly connection to laptops enables you to take advantage of audio input and output for recording to your Mac or PC and mixing in MP3s and other audio files.

M1USB has two USB ports, each assignable as an input or output. As inputs, incoming audio can be mixed like any other input. As outputs, you can send you mix out to a connected computer for recording. Because it employs plug-and-play USB, M1USB connects to almost any Mac or PC with no drivers needed, and works with nearly all audio playback and recording software.

You can set the level of each channel of M1USB with trim and line faders, and then tailor the high and low frequencies with the rotary EQs on each channel. Preview using the cue mini-crossfader and headphone output, and then mix with the replaceable crossfader.

M1USB squeezes maximum flexibility into a tight, compact mixer. With simultaneous USB playback and recording capabilities, M1USB is certain to be your next DJ mixer!

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