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Jands HOG 500

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HOG 500

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The Hog-500 is designed to control any combination of automated or static lighting fixtures, with moving lights as simple to control as conventional luminaires. This console is the ideal choice to control both simple and complex lighting systems.

* Whole hog II Operating System

* 024 Control Channels patched to 1024 DMX Channels

* Cues, Cue lists, effects and presets can be merged from one show to another

* Split Fade Times on any parameter

* Cue Lists, cue contents, programmer, patch and actual stage output available at VDU Port

* Any fixture can be patched anywhre on the DMX outputs

* User-Definable system defaults

* Multiple fixture types simultaniously supported

* Console self test and diagnostic routines

* Access protection PIN

* Easy to understand command line syntax

* LCD's provide continuous feedback on programming and playback status together with cue or palette lists

* All shows can be stored on floppy disk

* Universal power supply 100-240 VAC 47-63 hz

* CE and C tick approved