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JTS CX-506

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JTS CX 506. Micrófono electret, para percusión, 50-18000Hz, cardioide, paravientos, max SPL 130 dB.

Características :

  • The unique design and miniature profile provides for minimal physical size interference for the musician.
  • Low noise electronic circuitry together with balanced output provides isolation from ambient noise.
  • The shock mount clamp greatly reduces extraneous mechanical noise and ensures secure mounting on drum rims, percussion instruments, and cymbal stands in either a horizontal or vertical position.
  • Excellent natural reproduction of drums and percussion, accurately and purely without coloration.

With a smooth uniform frequency response, the JTS CX-506 is optimized for use with drums and percussion instruments.

Type Electret Condenser
Frequency Response 60~18,000 Hz 
Polar Pattern Cardioid,rotationally symmetrical about
microphone axis, uniform with frequency
Sensitivity(at 1,000Hz) -70dB*(0.32mV)*0dB=1V/μbar
Output Impedance 400Ω
Phasing Positive pressure on diaphragm produces
positive voltage on pin 2 with respect to pin 3 
Connector Three-pin professional audio connector
(male XLR type)
Case. Metallic enamel-painted die cast metal body
with hardened, matte-finished steel grille
Net Weight 230 grams (8.1 oz) 
Touch Noise Super low
Power Supply 9-52V phantom power or battery 1.5V AA  
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