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American Audio Q FX 19

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Q FX 19

American Audio
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Q FX 19

19-inch Professional Preamp Mixer with Digital FX

Q FX19: DJing without limits!

Q-FX19 allows the DJ live remixing ability with a large Vacuum Fluorescent Display (V.F.D.) which gives visual control of the master levels, auto B.PM., cue B.P.M., read outs and a built-in effects panel.

Q-FX19’s Digital Signal Processing (D.S.P.) is the brains behind the entire effects section. This advanced D.S.P. technology allows DJs to precisely beat match the music with the effects and displays a automatic B.P.M. Counter for smooth and accurate mixing and beat matching.

Digital Effects includes: Trans, Flanger, Echo, Delay, Pan, Pitch Shift, Filter & Phase. There are 6 Preset Parameter Settings for each effect, or create your own FX parameters with the Time and Ratio knobs, Beat and Wet/Dry dials. When in Xfader FX mode DJ can control the DSP effects from the crossfader.

Q-FX19 comes loaded with standard features DJs have come to expect from a professional DJ mixer, including: 4-channels with Gain, Treble, Mid and Bass for each channel; Fader Curve Adjustment; Split Cue and Cue Mixing. Q-FX19 offers 3 Phono, 4 Lines, 3 Mic and 3 Auxiliary inputs. Microphone inputs 1 and 2 have their own separate EQ with volume, bass and treble control. Microphone 1 has a dual input jack that allows for either XLR or 1/4” plugs.

American Audio has also included additional features that set it apart from other mixers such as Balanced Outputs; Fader Q Start; X/Y Assign buttons; Trim Output Control and Digital S/PDIF which gives users the ability to burn CDs of their mixes, and to go directly into their computer with digital input if they have a music card.

Q-FX19’s unique aesthetics include a black brushed aluminum face plate and removable rubber rails allowing for either tabletop or rack-mount configurations, adding to the Q-FX19’s versatility. As a 19-inch rack-mount unit, the mixer takes up 6 spaces.


• 3 Phono, 4 Line, 3 Aux & 3 Mic Inputs (Separate Mic EQ)

• Large, bright multi-color function V.F.D. Display/DSP Effects Panel

• D.S.P. Effects: Trans, Pan, Filter, Pitch Shift, Flanger, Phase, Echo And Delay

• FX Control: Wet/dry, 6 Pre-set Parameters, Parameter Time & Ratio control, Delay Time

• FX Input select: Individual channel of all channels

• Digital B.P.M. Display

• Balanced XLR Outputs

• Digital Output - S/PDIF

• Xfader FX mode: Use crossfader to control D.S.P. Effects

• Gain, Treble, Mid & Bass Control For Each Channel With Rotary Kills

• Q-Start Compatible (with select American Audio CD Players)

• Backlit X/Y Crossfader Selector Buttons

• High Quality Feather Fader™ For Smooth, Clean Crossfades (Replaceable)

• 2 Independent Microphones with Separate EQ with Combo Connection (1/4”/XLR) - 3rd Mic on Channel 4

• Trim output control

• Split Cue headphone monitoring

• Cue Mixing

• Fader Curve Knob

• Includes removable rubber rails–use as a tabletop or rack mounted mixer

• 6 rack mount spaces

• Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.5” x 19” x 4”

• Weight: 7 lbs.

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